Science Experiment Packet!

We just posted a new product onto our Teachers Pay Teachers store. This packet features a series of Science Experiments from the Steve Spangler vault, which we highly recommend you checking out here: Within the packet, you'll find directions on how to conduct the experiments, youtube video examples, and recording sheets. Here are a few snapshots:

You can pick this up and more here! Thank you!


So this is our first post. It you're expecting something flashy and grand, prepare to be underwhelmed. This is very anticlimactic and definitely falls along the spectrum of real life. In today's digital world, we live surrounded by everyone's perfect looking photos and picturesque worksheets. Well, as nice as these things look, we have come to realize that this is just not how it always plays out.

What we do know is that we both love teaching in this "real world" and we love touching the lives of students. We have good days which are always sooner or later followed by a bad one and we have just as many downs as ups. We love to engage and excite our students-even if it means being silly on the spot or spending a few extra house at home in preparation.

Who is Thing Me and who is Thing You is for us to know and for you to possibly never find out-- but what you need to know about us is clear.  We love to create mischief (of the wildest kind) and are known for being creative, out of the box thinkers. This doesn't always have to be complicated or over the top--and sometimes it can be done in the simplest of ways. But over our past years in the teaching profession, there is one thing that hinders our ability to teach--and that my friend is competition. We are steadily heading in to a world where the classroom is becoming a breeding ground for comparison and competition. Instead of collaborating and helping each other, we too often find ourselves "one-upping" eaching other and trying to find the next best thing to help us "stand out".

Thing Me and I have decided that over the next year we are going to go out of our way to help others around us--especially each other. We want to reach out to our teammates, other professionals at our school, parents, volunteers and even our custodial staff. Everyone plays a part when it comes to educating our students and when we forget that we take the first step at becoming stagnant and ineffective. Charles Kuralt once said "Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students"--which is completely true. But we can't do that until we work on bringing out the best in each other.  So if you want to embark on this journey with us, the journey to become a better teacher you have to agree to two things--share and support! Share what you find and support those who surround you.